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Eric Carpenter
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Alberto Estrada 

Az Curb Striping & Sealcoat Inc started many years ago with a small curb painting business in Phoenix, AZ. The way it began was a need and desire to make a little extra cash on the side from my current job. I thought to myself, if someone was to paint address numbers professionally and be a service people could call and have it done, this would be an excellent service. So I build a website to paint curbs. The City of Phoenix found that website and called and asked to have 650 homes painted in the Bel-Air neighborhood. (our first big job) We painted them and have been painting curbs for them and many cities and HOA's for many years now. To date, we have painted over 70 thousand homes in and around Phoenix.

The curb painting business is how we started, but we have stenciled parking stalls with names and painted fire lanes, which led to striping parking lots and grew our business to include seal coating and crack seal since 2014.  


We would love to add your place of business or HOA in our list of jobs.

Give us a call and let us give you a free estimate. 602-413-0225         

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